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      The process and method of installation and construction of the support and hanger pipe

      The process and method of installation and construction of supporting and hanger pipes are further optimized. The operation and maintenance space of pipeline is reserved according to the number, location, elevation and trend of pipeline, and the form, size and installation space of integrated support are determined. When making a comprehensive bracket, the true outer diameter of various pipes and the thickness of the insulating layer need to be kept in order to determine the form and size of the hoop. When necessary, it is necessary to check the pipe force calculation for the pressure pipe, so as to select the specifications and models of various profiles.
      The installation position of the bracket and the spacing between the supports are determined according to the direction and range projectile line of the pipe forming. According to the comprehensive arrangement of the pipe arrangement, the sequence of the construction of each functional pipeline is determined first, first and later, first inside and back side. All bolts and nuts must be connected with flat gaskets and spring gaskets to ensure that the pipe is firmly fixed. The integrated support spacing is consistent, the clamp bolt orientation is consistent, and the overall arrangement is neat and beautiful. It is advisable to consider the combination type and adjustable comprehensive support hanger of galvanized product.
      The process and method of installation and construction of supporting and hanger pipes shall be installed firmly and firmly, so that the support and hangers should be maintained on the same slope as the building with sloping buildings. Contact the stainless steel pipe and carbon steel bracket to add such wooden pad to avoid direct contact with the two kinds of chemical properties of different metal, to prevent the occurrence of electrochemical reaction. In the electromechanical system of modern architecture, the number of electrical and mechanical lines is very large, the specifications and models are very complex and their use functions are different.

      New Product

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