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      Unscramble the removal method of the position pin of the spring hanger

      The interpretation method to remove the pin spring hanger, hanger, often there will be staff asked the method of hanger pin removal, and respondents uneven, false rejection beings, facing a superb collection of beautiful things text, even if you see the last also cannot read what you said, or read in step by step response, or on the question do not really need ready to accept either course, answer, this is spring hanger pin removal do explain.
      The spring support and hanger locating pin is a load lock for the spring hangers which are produced before the factory goes out. It can be said that the load of the spring hangers designed according to the weight of your equipment is decided by the total weight of your equipment and the position of the required spring hangers. In your acceptance of the right after the installation of spring support and hanger in the process, we should pay attention to check the load bearing, spring hanger, determine the correct installation load without error, finally entered the equipment operation of this part, after the final OK, remove the hanger positioning pin and hanger spring moves up and down to normal the equipment for shock protection. The installation diagram shows the connection and pipe hanger hanger, the hanger can also be called open type hanger, because you can see from the chart in the spring and spring hanger is composed of frame, the open spring hanger because of convenient installation, easy to carry, is widely used in central air conditioning installation, chemical, metallurgy the ship power plant, nuclear power, etc..
      The method of removing the locating pin of the spring hanger is interpreted. The pipe spring hanger can be divided into open spring hangers, V spring hangers, several types of spring hangers, and cylindrical spring hangers. Except for the cylindrical spring hangers, the springs are fixed inside the cylinders, and can not be seen outside. The V spring hangers are all visible open spring hangers. The spring hanger should be used within the rated load range, and the overloading should not be allowed. The spring bracket adjusts the height of the support bar, making the bracket friend bearing surface consistent with the height of the bottom of the pipe. The spring bracket and the elastic hanger adjust the distance so that the load of each hanger is as consistent as possible.

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